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Book Review: Just Add Watercolor

The first thing I noticed about Just Add Watercolor was its petite size and gorgeous watercolor illustrations. With a painting on one side of the page spread and a short write-up on the other, the book is easy to navigate and draw inspiration from. You feel as though you’re walking through a modern watercolor exhibit in the comfort of your favorite reading chair.

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Blog Update

Just wanting to give you a little update. Feels like forever since I’ve written a blog entry! The Bible art journaling slowed down to a halt after we started remodeling our house on Leon Drive.  Long story short:  as soon as we were done remodeling, we ended up selling our San Jose house we’d lived in for 20 years.


That Kind of Day

It hit me today.  The heaviness.  I didn’t have an appetite, so I forced myself to choke down some plain Cheerios and a banana.  I pulled on my leggings and a hoodie and went outside for a walk.  That’s all the energy I had for today.  But at least I was able to feel something…. like the cool wind on…

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