Loosening Up

I’ve been looking at other cupcake paintings and the ones I’m drawn to are more impressionistic and painterly.  So for this time around, I decided to loosen up my brushwork a bit.


Cloud Happy

After a long artistic hiatus, I decided to dust off my paint supplies and start painting again.  I was seeing some beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and people posting pictures of said beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and that inspired me to paint clouds.  Then my daughter Janelle had to do an art project and needed help with the sky.  She borrowed my French easel and had it out forever while doing…

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Why Should We Participate in the Arts?

Creativity is not just a buzzword for artists.  We are all created to create.  This article from The Blazing Center is a great reminder that the things we do from knitting a scarf and decorating cookies to painting, dancing, acting, & composing music can have the most far-reaching effects.