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Dreams.  Why do we dream?  When people dream, they normally forget everything after 20 minutes upon waking.  If you’re anything like me you’ve had some bizarre dreams, funny dreams, colorful dreams and emotional dreams… do they mean anything?  Or are they just figments of our subconscious?  Everyone has their own opinion, but I believe that our dreams can have special meaning.
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It hit me today.  The heaviness.  I didn’t have an appetite, so I forced myself to choke down some plain Cheerios and a banana.  I pulled on my leggings and a hoodie and went outside for a walk.  That’s all the energy I had for today.  But at least I was able to feel something…. like the cool wind on my face and hair and the crunch of leaves under my feet. 

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The Broken Bracelet

I don’t normally share my dreams unless I feel someone out there needs to hear the message and interpretation behind it. It was a strong visual dream that I remember very clearly.
I was walking down a path next to a open road. The sky above was clear and sunny and there were oak trees and shrubbery lining the trail.

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