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Book Review: Just Add Watercolor

The first thing I noticed about Just Add Watercolor was its petite size and gorgeous watercolor illustrations. With a painting on one side of the page spread and a short write-up on the other, the book is easy to navigate and draw inspiration from. You feel as though you’re walking through a modern watercolor exhibit in the comfort of your favorite reading chair.

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Blog Update

Just wanting to give you a little update. Feels like forever since I’ve written a blog entry! The Bible art journaling slowed down to a halt after we started remodeling our house on Leon Drive.  Long story short:  as soon as we were done remodeling, we ended up selling our San Jose house we’d lived in for 20 years.

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Book Review: Inner Excavation

I happened upon Liz Lamoreux’s book “Inner Excavations” while doing an artist workshop. To read this book is like pulling pieces of your soul out from deep within and examining them one by one. This is not a book to be rushed; if you take time to contemplate the concepts in each chapter, it can be a powerful tool of self-discovery.


That Kind of Day

It hit me today.  The heaviness.  I didn’t have an appetite, so I forced myself to choke down some plain Cheerios and a banana.  I pulled on my leggings and a hoodie and went outside for a walk.  That’s all the energy I had for today.  But at least I was able to feel something…. like the cool wind on…

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Bible Art Journaling

I discovered a new art form:  Bible Art Journaling.  I saw a video demonstration on Christa Sterken’s blog and I was enthralled.  Then I researched further and found Rebecca Jones’s Bible Art Journaling Challenge which I was glued to the screen for at least an hour watching her tutorials.  I just had to try it out.