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Book Review: Just Add Watercolor

The first thing I noticed about Just Add Watercolor was its petite size and gorgeous watercolor illustrations. With a painting on one side of the page spread and a short write-up on the other, the book is easy to navigate and draw inspiration from. You feel as though you’re walking through a modern watercolor exhibit in the comfort of your favorite reading chair.

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Blog Update

Just wanting to give you a little update. Feels like forever since I’ve written a blog entry! The Bible art journaling slowed down to a halt after we started remodeling our house on Leon Drive.  Long story short:  as soon as we were done remodeling, we ended up selling our San Jose house we’d lived in for 20 years.


A Little Bird Told Me

I woke up to the sound of a loud chirping bird right outside my window this morning.  With spring in full-bloom, I’ve been wanting to paint birds for a while now.  These little guys were so much fun to paint.          


Out to Sea

My family and I recently took a trip to the ocean.  Ever since then the sea’s had a grip on me.  The day of our outing was sunny and bright, but when I sat down to paint my mood was more subdued so I had a different approach.  Sometimes it’s not about painting what you see, but what you FEEL. …

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Loosening Up

I’ve been looking at other cupcake paintings and the ones I’m drawn to are more impressionistic and painterly.  So for this time around, I decided to loosen up my brushwork a bit.


Mini Cupcake Paintings

I saw these adorable mini canvases and easels at the art store and couldn’t resist; they’d look so cute sitting on my kitchen shelf.   I was thinking of ideas of what to paint when my eye landed on a cupcake tea towel my friend Carol gave me for my birthday.  Eureka!  The best part is that I get to enjoy cupcakes…

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Cloud Happy

After a long artistic hiatus, I decided to dust off my paint supplies and start painting again.  I was seeing some beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and people posting pictures of said beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and that inspired me to paint clouds.  Then my daughter Janelle had to do an art project and needed help with the sky.  She borrowed my French easel and had it out forever while doing…

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Cloud Cupcakes

And I remembered this light version of a buttercream frosting recipe and since it’s called cloud frosting, and we had a lot of clouds last night, and I wanted to chase away the clouds of sickness, I decided to try it out.

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Book Review: Inner Excavation

I happened upon Liz Lamoreux’s book “Inner Excavations” while doing an artist workshop. To read this book is like pulling pieces of your soul out from deep within and examining them one by one. This is not a book to be rushed; if you take time to contemplate the concepts in each chapter, it can be a powerful tool of self-discovery.