Stone Painting

So I started painting on stones. Somehow I’m finding satisfaction with painting tiny landscape scenes on the surface of smooth stones.

I got the idea from the “Kindness Rocks Project” which my hairstylist Lizzie told me about. I joined a local group that paints on stones, hides them for others to find or keeps them. I jumped on board, but I only do it to inspire others. It’s not only therapeutic but it feeds my soul. Here are my first 3 stones. From here on out I’ll post a photo of my latest rock painting along with an inspirational quote or scripture.

My first 3 stone landscape paintings.

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Hi Everyone! I'm Brigitta Litfin and I’m an artist living with my husband and two teenagers in Ripon, California. Sightseeing, baking and painting with watercolors take me to my happy place. To read more go to the about page.
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