Cloud Cupcakes

I’m writing at the moment because of the sheer fact that I don’t feel like doing anything else right now.  It’s one of those days again.  If I were a color today, I’d be the color of these cupcakes.  You see, my moods shift like clouds; sometimes I’m at the top of the hill, but today I’m coasting toward the bottom.  For no particular reason.  Well, I take that back.  I was supposed to go on a little get-away with my husband but unfortunately he got sick.  It’s not his fault, it’s just bad timing.  It’s a nasty flu bug.  My son got it too.  But they’re okay now, and getting better and better so thank you for your prayers.

My response yesterday was to bake cupcakes to cheer myself them up.  It worked for the most part!  Who can eat a cupcake without smiling?  Not me.  🙂


As a blogger, I should be a good example.  The thing is, I have my flaws.  I wish I were rock solid consistent, but I’m not.  I hate the fact that I’m an emotional eater.  If I’m down, I tend to get cheered up by eating a chocolate (or three) and find it difficult to resist things like red velvet oreos at the checkout.  Hey, they’re seasonal.

But I’m not always like this.  When I set my mind to it and I’m on an eating plan, I can resist the most devilish chocolate cake with melt-in-your-mouth fudgy icing no problem!  When offered something decadent I’d usually say something like, “no thanks…trying to stay away from gluten.”  Or “I’m on ______ eating plan.” Or “I’m trying to be ‘good’.”

Needless to say, although I like to think that I’m super fit, it’s not always the case.  Even though I TRY not to gain weight during the winter months, I tend to put on a little layer of, er…protection from the cold.  Yeah, that’s it.  From the cold.  And I’m always cold.  It’s also tough to scrape together enough motivation to workout in the dead of the morning.  Harder still even to get out of bed.  (Tip:  I came up with the idea to hang my fuzzy robe near my bed so that I stay warm for the short walk from my bed to the bathroom.  I then turn on our little space heater to promptly change into my workout clothes which prevents even the slightest of shivers.  It helps.  Trust me.)

HOWEVER, I make the decision to do it anyway.  I either trudge to the elliptical or on a good day I do my cardio/sculpt DVDs.  But I get it done thank you very much!

If I happen to put on a few, I need to work extremely hard to take it off.  Some people, (more stable people) don’t have to strive so hard to stay in shape, but my love of baking and lack of self control make it necessary to undo the damage of my occasional emotional eating.  I even attempt to bake “lighter” versions of my favorites.  I’ve read tons of books on the subject, and haven’t mastered it yet.


So I happened to have a vanilla gluten free cake mix on hand so I decided that yesterday was the day to finally use it.  And I remembered this light version of a buttercream frosting recipe and since it’s called cloud frosting, and we had a lot of clouds last night, and I wanted to chase away the clouds of sickness, I decided to try it out.  It has a cream cheese and whipping cream base, and uses a cup of powdered sugar. (1/4 the usual amount of sugar in regular buttercream recipes!)  Plus, there is no butter so the fat is from the cream cheese and whip cream and I used light cream cheese, so technically it’s lighter.

I found the cloud frosting recipe here on Your Cup of Cake.

Using a large circle tip is how Lizzy Early got those darling bubbles for the cloud shapes. 🙂

Here’s a video of her piping the cloud icing:


The verdict?  The gluten-free cupcakes were good, but a tiny bit more dense and not as sweet as regular cake mixes.  And the frosting whipped up beautifully, wasn’t too sweet and had a bit of tang from the cream cheese.  It would taste great with carrot cake, red velvet, and banana cake.  You can also add other flavorings to the frosting, and use it as a dip with fruit.  Heavenly!  There were several other recipes for light and fluffy frostings, so I’ll have to try them out and record my findings in the near future.

Hmmm, I think my color’s changed to a purply-pink!  😀

Toodles 🙂


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