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Cloud Cupcakes

Who can eat a cupcake without smiling? Not me.  🙂


Sometimes the day just warrants a cupcake.


I saw a lighter version of buttercream frosting on Pinterest. It’s called “cloud frosting” and since we had a lot of clouds last night and I wanted to chase away the clouds of sickness, I decided to try it out. It has a cream cheese and whipping cream base, and uses a cup of powdered sugar. (1/4 the usual amount of sugar in regular buttercream recipes!) Plus, there’s no butter so it’s light and airy.

I found the cloud frosting recipe here on Your Cup of Cake.

Using a large circle tip is how Lizzy Early got those darling bubbles for the cloud shapes. 🙂

Here’s a video of her piping the cloud icing:


The verdict? The frosting whipped up beautifully, wasn’t too sweet and had a bit of tang from the cream cheese. It would taste great with carrot cake, red velvet, and banana cake. You can also add other flavorings to the frosting, and use it as a dip with fruit. Heavenly! There were several other recipes for light and fluffy frostings, so I’ll have to try them out and record my findings in the near future. 🙂


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