Project Cupcake

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A Dozen Done!

Today marks the day I finished a dozen new cupcake paintings in the new folk art style. 😀  I’m getting into the groove and getting lots of new ideas for cupcake paintings.  I honestly feel that the more I do them the easier it’s getting.  In a way, art is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger you get and the more flexible you become.  Plus, I’m enjoying the process, and isn’t that the point?  It’s something we forget as adults; we simply need to remember to become like children once again and have fun with the process and not worry so much about the product.  I keep needing to remind myself of that. 🙂

I decided to start what I call “Project Cupcake”- where 25% of all profits will go to Cakes 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that donates special homemade birthday cakes to children in the foster care system.  You may remember my friend Letty and I competing in the Cakes 4 Kids contest a couple years back; we won 2nd place for “most creative” category.  🙂


This time, I would like to give in a different way.  I’m so very excited about this project!  It allows me to fulfill a greater purpose with my art, and gives me a new sense of joy each time a painting is completed.  I hope you will consider this every time you are viewing the cupcakes that I post…perhaps you see one that fits that perfect spot or that fits the style or personality of a special person in your life.  Know that each sale goes towards helping kids feel loved and cared for on their special day.  Each canvas print is $10 and comes with a mini wooden easel.  To purchase a painting, contact me or click here: Brigitta’s Etsy Shop

Have a blessed week!

With Love,


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