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This Little Light of Mine

Let Your Light Shine2

I recently saw the movie Woodlawn, based on a true story about how during “the Jesus Movement” an entire highschool football team gave their lives to Christ.  At the end of the movie, there was an alter call in the stadium and one by one candles were lit to signify a life given to Jesus Christ.  That movie fanned a little flame in me that was burning somewhat dimly before.  Sometimes we need little reminders to strike a match to our heart and stoke the fire again.  We forget that our actions, no matter how small, have a ripple effect with the people around us. It just takes a teeny little candle flame to light another little candle and then another.   Pretty soon the little flames turn into a sea of flickering stars.

Many of us learned the song when we were small about not hiding our light under a bushel, but as adults that’s exactly what we do sometimes.
We need to realize that this world can be a dark place and people need us as Christians to shine.  As we look around at the school shootings, drugs, crime, and the diluting of the family we are reminded of how there are hurting people all around. People need the Lord and they need hope. We as children of God can give that to them if we just live as a shining example of Christ. We can’t keep Christ to ourselves. We have to let His light shine in us.

What Kind of Light Are You? Are you a smokey lightbulb clouded with unconfessed sin?  How about a dim and slow burning candle that started off big and strong and is waxing and waning.  Are you a flickering light bulb that blew out and is now flickering?  Serving God wholeheartedly and then slacking off? I’ve been all of these at one time.  But my goal is to be a bright and shining beacon, being constantly close to Christ and sensitive to His leading so I can be a light to a lost and dying world. To do this I have to work at it.  Doesn’t always come easy but it’s something we can all strive towards. 🙂

Please watch this clip of Woodlawn.  This movie made a big impact and highly recommend it!  It got me stoked and I hope it does the same for you!!


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