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“Do You Trust Me?” – Hearing God’s Voice

Do You Trust Me

Heaven is Calling Lesson #3 – 1 Samuel 3:1-10

The story goes that God had something important to tell Samuel.  In the middle of the night He called out his name.  Samuel, groggy from sleep, thought it was his master Eli speaking and went to him.  “I’m here Eli.”  This happened a couple more times.  Finally Samuel realized that it was God, not Eli, speaking to him and learned to recognize His voice.

I too want to hear His voice and I’ve been praying that He would speak to me.  I had seen a fellow artist’s post about not only recognizing God’s voice but also trusting Him and it resonated with me.  So I asked Him to speak to me a couple nights ago.  I woke up in the middle of the night. This question was on my heart, “Do you trust me?” “Yes.” “Do you really trust me?” “Yes, Lord.” “Then why are you afraid?”  Tears rolled down.  I then prayed over my family and my future.  I had been holding on too tightly, worrying that something bad might happen.  I felt that He was saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve got you.”

Have you ever heard from God?  I haven’t audibly heard the voice of God, but many times He communicates a message to me that is undeniable.  I’ll feel His presence, see Him through circumstances, am given a song on my heart, or have dreams or thoughts that can only come from Him.  Sometimes a verse pops up at just the right time.  In one of my favorite books, Windows of the Soul, author Ken Gire talks about the many different avenues that God speaks to us from day to day.  He says these windows, or glimpses, are seeing things through spiritual eyes.  Sometimes they are subtle, other times they’re plain as the nose on our face.  But if we don’t take a second look, we may miss them.  It’s when we have the desire for Him to speak to us, and are tuned in, that He will gladly reveal Himself.  My prayer is that we get close enough to Him to clearly hear His voice…and often.

This video came up on my newsfeed today.  I decided to include it because it’s uncanny how it relates to this.  Truly amazing story!!



Recognizing God’s Voice – Heaven Is Calling Lesson 3


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